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Leaders constantly make decisions to improve organizational performance. Often, such decisions lead to setting goals for the future. That’s where and when E-Zone comes in. E-Zone is a Management Consulting group that provides one-stop Organizational solutions to its clients. E-Zone specializes in delivering innovative and value added services that promote revenue growth and cost containment.

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How we work

E-Zone Executives are experts in leading, changing, re-engineering and developing high-performing Organizations. Able to leverage on the organizational expertise, E-Zone can provide result oriented consulting services to the clients.

E-Zone delivers consulting solutions that EMPOWER people and organizations to:

  • Operate Productivity, Proficiently & Profitably.
  • Establish Leadership in the Market through Leveraging Knowledge.
  • Hire and Retain Right People

Servicing Change Managers

E-Zone takes a long term view believing that success is based on exceeding clients expectations in both service and advice. Success and reputation are based on the foundation of providing quality and professional services, commitment to quality, speed and thoroughness in combination with superior screening and identification techniques.

Since 2003 E-Zone has been Servicing Knowledge Managers in the area of:

  • Organization Development (OD)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Human Resource Development (HRD)


Organization Development


Human Resource Management


Human Resource Development


Our Mission

Here at E-Zone, we are aware that incremental change rarely leads to long-term success. That is why, we deem to provide our clients with the accurate tools and skills they need to make bold and groundbreaking impacts. We help you discover the right path suitable for you by:

  • Rendering prompt and efficient services to our clients with excellence and dedication in all aspects of HR Management.
  • Our dedication in all aspects of HR Management
  • Creating a sustained relationship by forging international alliances with similar organizations.

Our Vision

From the time we started our journey, we have strived to be an organization that can:

  • Enhance the achievements of our national and international clients.
  • Maintain the advanced level of competencies required in our field of activity.
  • Provide greater opportunities for our clients in order to achieve their career objectives.
  • Hold high ethical standards in the execution of our work.

Our Core Strategies

  • Accomplish task in a WIN-WIN situation
  • Work until customer satisfaction
  • Striving for quality
  • Always maintain deadline
  • Dedicate team for individual assigned task
  • Design/accomplish all HR tasks in line with recent market trends & company
  • focus
  • Always keep us updated on recent HR developments
  • Focusing on individual issue rather looking holistically

Our Strengths

  • Dedicated as HR related service provider only
  • Full time professionals with a wealth of experience in HR & top level management with multinational organizations
  • Office space in prime location with modern facilities
  • Experience of working with varied types of corporate clients with multicultural background


E-Zone HRM Limited

For more information about E-Zone Group please email your
queries to contact@e-zonebd.com or call +8801714013100

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